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Once He Finds Us Ukulele tab

Todd Snider


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Once He Finds Us

Tono:  G
G - C  - G - C  - G - D - G - G  
I don't Gknow how CI found GJesus 
I Cdon't even Gcare now,D He's in my Gheart 
Once He Gfinds us He'll Cnever Gleave us 
No Cmatter Ghow far D we fall Gapart  
I used to Cwonder what I was Gmissin' 
I used to Dthink that I was missin' Gfaith 
Now the Cwork of calmer Gvoices 
They sound like Amangels bowing Dstrings  
G - C - G - C - G - D - G - G  
He was Gthere when Cnobody Gelse was 
He was Cthere Gwhen D the work was Gthin 
He was Gthere when my Cfather Gleft us 
CI am Ghear now D to work for GHim  
I don't Cknow how I found GJesus 
I don't even Dcare because He's in my Gheart 
Once He Cfinds us He'll never Gleave us 
No matter Dhow far we fall Gapart   

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