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My Generation Ukulele tab

Todd Snider

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My Generation

Tono:  G
	  Intro: G  C  G  C  G  Em  A  D  (2x)  (This also follow the first 
                                       chorus starting on proud ) 
         G                C             G 
Well my old man says the Woodstock generation 
         C                G 
Found a way to make this nation 
     Em                A            D  
Open up it's eyes and take a look around 
        C            D      G              C 
And he says my generation, ain't good for nothing 
G               C               D          C        G 
I can think of somthing, so I thought I'd write it down 
                C                            G 
  So here's to hair gel, hanging out at the health spa 
          D                       C  D  
  Using condom sense and watching LA Law 
             C               D  
  Here's to drum machines, stoned-washed jeans 
  G                Em    
  Credit cards and fax machines 
  A                               D 
  Big bald-headed chicks and frat guys 
           A                                 D             
  Wearing forty dollar tye died T-shirts and big bold paisley ties 
             C                D  
  Here's to living off dad as long as you can 
  G                    Em 
  Blending in with the crowd 
     C        D     C       D      C       D               G 
  Oh my generation, my generation, my generation should be proud 
We were raised up in the hallowed halls 
Of half a million shopping malls 
And there ain't any price that we're too proud to pay 
We'll buy anything from diet Sprite, too 1,000 points of light 
Well I'll admit we're not that bright, but I'm proud any way 
Chorus:  (Same as above, only we're watching Arsenio Hall now and the 
my generation line gets changed with the stops. ) 
  Oh my generation, my generation, my generation got 
  My generation, my generation, my generation 
  My generation, my generation, my generation should be proud 
Outro:  G  C  G  C  G  Em  A  D  D  G  (this starts on proud) 

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