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Iron Mike's Main Man's Last Request Ukulele tab

Todd Snider


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Iron Mike's Main Man's Last Request

Tono:  C
Capo en el 5º traste
G                 C 
Hey little buddy, don't even worry 
G                         D 
Everything is going to be OK 
G                              C   
I could have told you when you started making money 
         G                                 D  
That the world was going to treat you this way 
C                               G 
Forget your first wife, she was no good for you 
          C                         G       D 
She was a gold diggin bitch and her mom was too 
         C    D                       G 
Hey iron Mike, don't let them get you down 
Hey little buddy, don't look uneasy 
You just keep your eyes fixed on this fight 
If that mean ol' Don King, don't give you back all of your money 
I say you and I, we go take it back some night 
You're still the champion and everybody know's you are 
Come on Iron Mike, let?s take the Porsche to the titty Bar 
Come on, champ, come on Champ 
Guitar break 
All I'm asking for is three hundred dollars 
And that's only till my brother straightens out 
        C                                            G 
I would do this for you if I could and you needed me to 
G                                D 
Aint that what friendship's all about 
Hey little buddy, don't get angry 
God, please at least not at me 
You know I am right behind you, oh compadre 
You just say whatever you want to and I'll agree 
Who washed every car in this ten car garage 
Who carries the boombox in the entourage 
Me, Mike, goddamnit, me 

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