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Fine Tune Ukulele tab

Todd Snider

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Fine Tune

Tono:  G
	  (verse 1) 
(G)Pull down that (C)shade 
(C)Unplug the (G)phone 
(G)Turn off that (D)TV 
(D)Let's get (G)stoned 
(verse 2) 
Burn out brightly 
Fade away 
Rock out nightly 
And sleep all day 
(G)I've been working on my (C)fine tune 
(C)I've been saving up the (G)night life 
(G)I've been waiting on a (D)green light 
(D)Further up the (G)road 
(G7)Gotta lay a bit (C)low now 
(C)I'll be better off (G)some(Em)how 
(Em)Let me work a few (C)kinks out 
(D)And I'll be ready to (G)go 
(verse 3) 
That sun's so bright 
My skin's so pale 
It's just too hot outside 
To go and check my mail 
(verse 4) 
So much to sleep for 
So much to prove 
I'm gearing up for 
My next big move 
(verse 5) 
One throbbing headache 
Two Tylenol 
Gonna win this rat race 
Once and for all 

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