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Doublewide Blues Ukulele tab

Todd Snider


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Doublewide Blues

Tono:  D
	  Intro chords: 
D   G   A 
D   G   A 
D           G 
Double Wide Blues 
I got the blues 
Double wide 
V-neck t-shirt, with a mustard stain 
Holdin' up a hose, outside in the rain 
He's been my neighbor since '79 
'Course he was in prison most of that time 
Ever since then he just ain?t been right 
his old lady works days and they fight most nights 
A                                          D   
Laid off and blown off, pissed off on booze 
Double wide blues 
Metallica song blastin out from two trailors down 
Its them cut of t-shirt numb chuck kids comin around 
Tonight they'll get drunk, try to get laid 
End up in a fight out behind the arcade 
You know one of them little shits broke my window last spring 
I told his momma she didn?t do anything 
She works two jobs, he runs loose 
Double wide blues 
My buddy Jimmy, now his trailers cool 
He got him a deck with one of them blue plastic pools 
Workin construction, he builds speck homes 
His old lady left him, now he's down there alone 
My friend Anita, she loves him, but he dont know 
He's so busy chasin my neighbor?s wife, Flo 
Soap opera heaven without all the clues 
Double wide blues 
Wild Bill the manager he keeps to himself 
The war took his smile like them pills took his health 
Too old to run with the Klan anymore 
US Flag hangin outside his door 
I sit here watchin all this nuthin go on 
I don?t get out much now since momma's been gone 
Sometimes its nice, havin nuthin to lose 
Double wide blues 
Take me home boys, 
I think I?m drunk 

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