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Better Than Ever Blues Part Ii Ukulele tab

Todd Snider


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Better Than Ever Blues Part Ii

Tono:  C
	  C                   E 
nowhere to go, no one to call 
F                           D7 
nothin' to do, except nothin' at all 
      C     walk down to      A7 
the same old climb up the same old walls 
      D7               G     G7 
i've fallen down before 
                  C                        C7 
you see, i've been so down and so depressed 
             F                      D7 
i've been over worked and over stressed 
      C  walk down to   A7  
but deep down here, i know i'm blessed 
  D7           G        C 
i aint gonna cry no more 
No I ain?t gonna cry 
I ain?t gonna scream 
I ain?t gonna let ?em kick no holes in my dreams. 
I won?t be fallin? apart at the seams 
Like I?ve always done before. 
You know I?ve used my fist and I?ve used my voice, 
Hell I?ve used myself like a cheap Rolls-Royce 
I never knew I could just use my choice. 
I ain?t gonna cry no more (ain?t gonna cry) 
You see people talk behind peoples? backs, 
They scheme and plot an? plan attacks. 
But someday soon we?ll be switching tracks 
In a way the world can?t ignore. 
So call your buddies, call all your friends, 
Call all your enemies - make amends. 
We?re formin? a club and lettin? everyone in. 
We ain?t gonna cry no more. 
I said I ain?t gonna cry 
No I ain?t gonna cry 
I don?t wanna cry anymore 
So we?re formin? a club and lettin? everyone in 
We ain?t gonna cry no more. ! 

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