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Tryin' To Matter Ukulele tab

Toby Keith

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Tryin' To Matter

Tono:  D
Capo en el 3er traste
I'm a lonely guy with a lonely life 
I got a full-time job and a part-time wife 
        G                    D       
And the grindstone just goes on and on 
You're a lonely girl that?s a lonely wife 
You got a three bedroom and an empty life 
           G                            D 
And you're not quite sure just where it all went wrong 
          Bm                            A  
There are lots of reasons why we should turn and walk away 
              Bm                               A 
But there's a whole lot ridin' on this love so baby what's ya say 
Let's give it one good shot 
Let's really give it all we got 
We can take it nice and slow 
     D                 D7 
Baby don't you want to go back 
Where we had a chance 
And we danced our dance 
     D             A                 G 
In a world where a heart could never shatter 
We might go down cryin' 
But at least our love will die 
Tryin' to matter, tryin' to matter 
We've come a long way so don't forget 
Let's don't throw our hands up yet 
We've still got time to change our mind 
Honey let's give it our best tonight 
If we still ain't got it right 
We can always, always say goodbye 
Somewhere I guess we let go and lost a little ground 
One solitary heartbeat can turn this thing around 
We might go down cryin' 
At least wour love will die tryin  
Tryin' to matter, tryin' to matter 

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