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Star Kissed Ukulele tab

Toby Keith

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Star Kissed

Tono:  D
C                            Csus 
She climbed up on the bus,  said that I'll do 
Am                            G 
Just about anything that you want me to 
F                                    G                 C G 
I got tickets to your show from the radio?.they were free 
C                                        Csus 
I said you got the wrong bus, she said I know who you are 
             Am                                 G 
You're that rock-a-billy country singing ?.superstar 
        F                                    G  
And I thought that you might like to have a little bit of ? 
C          G 
             F                     G 
I said maybe 20 years ago, in a different place  
    C      Csus        Am          Am/G 
In a darker room with a prettier face 
                 F              G 
But there's just way too many fish in the sea 
              C          Csus                  Am     Am/G 
And getting caught with a whale would  be the end of me 
F                            G                     C  
Don't cry this can't be the first time you've been dissed? 
ahh naw 
      F                          G 
I got brunettes and blondes and redheaded girls  
                C           Csus       Am           Am/G 
And they'll be stopping by soon and rockin' my world 
F                      G 
Turn around and go you ain't on my list         you see 
F                      G             C 
Only the best lookin' tuna get to be star kissed 
Eddie B     KEEP PICKIN'!  

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