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Little Less Talk Ukulele tab

Toby Keith

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Little Less Talk

Tono:  A
	  First the chords should be explained. It is basically a train beat. 
When a letter appears, it is the key that the corresponding chord is played in. 
The chords follow. 
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A: e|------------------ E: e|------------------ D: e|------------------ B|------------------ B|------------------ B|------------------ G|------------------ G|------------------ G|-2--2--4--2------- D|-2--2--4--2------- D|------------------ D|-0--0--0--0------- A|-0--0--0--0------- A|-2--2--4--2------- A|------------------ E|------------------ E|-0--0--0--0------- E|------------------
(Intro): A A A A A I was getting kinda tired A Of her endless chatter A Nothing I could say A Ever seemed to matter D So I took a little drive D Just to clear my head A A I saw a flashing neon up ahead E It looked like a place E To find some satisfaction A play first note only; then Rest With a little less talk And a lot more action A I paid the man at the door A And pushed my way to the bar A Shouted for a drink A Over a screaming guitar D A drunk on a stool D Tried to mess with my head A But I didn't even listen A To a word he said E I knew somewhere E Amid all this distraction A repeat of first note... Was a little less talk And a lot more action
D A little less talk D If you please A A lot more loving A Is what I need E Let's get on down E To the main attraction A first note... With a little less talk
And a lot more action A Well she was fighting them off A At a corner table A She had a longneck bottle A She was peeling the label D The look on her face D It was perfectly clear A She said somebody please A Get me out of here E The look she shot me E Through the glass refraction A first note... Said a little less talk And a lot more action Chorus
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