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It Works For Me Ukulele tab

Toby Keith

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It Works For Me

(Scotty Emerick/Toby Keith)

Tono:  D
Capo en el 2º traste
In the brackets ie(D A Bm) are little walkdowns in between lines, 
one quick strum on each chord then go into next line. 
Intro: D  D9  D  (x2) 
      D                           D9                 D 
Never owned a brand new car never worked in a white collar 
Never held a woman longer than I held one single dollar 
Never went out chasin' rainbows cause there can't be that much to it 
     A             Asus             A 
Even if I found my pot of gold I'd probably piss right through it 
           D          D9               D             (D A Bm) 
I can't remember ever wanting for one second of my life 
     Bm                                           (Bm A G) 
Even if I did it cost too much to ever pay the price 
         G                                                 (G D/F# Em) 
I don't dance out on the dark side ain't no secrets I can tell 
   Em                                 Asus                       D 
So you don't have to say a prayer for me, I just said one for myself 
               G  A        D 
I'm livin' my li--fe under my terms 
                 G        A           Bm 
I'm callin' the shots as far as I can see 
         G          A               D    D/F#   G 
I don't owe nobody nothin' I don't answer to a soul 
D/F#       Em            A          D 
Might not work for you,     but it works for me 
D  D9  D (x2) 
          D                                     D9             D 
I've been bent and bruised and broken and flat busted once or twice 
I brought most of it upon myself but I never compromised 
My pride's too hard to swallow so I've chewed a lot of it 
      A                Asus              A 
Mild mannered and soft hearted and hard headed as you get 
   D               D9                D                 (D A Bm) 
I live out on the backroads where I walk my country mile 
            Bm                                       (Bm A G) 
And if it's so good in the city why don't anybody smile 
      G                                                  (G D/F# Em) 
The traffic's always heavy and the air ain't fit to breathe 
  Em                                   Asus                        D 
I ain't saying that it's wrong for you it just don't make sense to me 

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