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If I Was Jesus (updated) Ukulele tab

Toby Keith

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If I Was Jesus (updated)

(Chuck Cannon/Phil Madeira)

Tono:  C
**See below for diagrams on the G#dim w/u and  
the C add-on for the verse (and other chords) 
If I was Jesus, I?d have some real long hair 
A robe and some sandals, is exactly what I?d wear 
I?d be the guy at the party, turnin? water to wine 
                                                G    G#dim w/u 
Yeah me and my disciples, we?d have a real good time 
Am           F                C      G  G#dim       
Ooh and I?d lay my life down for you   (wooah) 
Am       F                     C   G  G#dim     
Yeah and I show you who?s the boss   (wooah) 
Am      F            C-C/B-Am-G 
I?d forgive you and ado---re you 
F                            G 
While I was hangin? on your cross 
If I was Jesus, I?d have some friends that were poor 
I?d run around with the wrong crowd, man I?d never be bored 
Then I?d heal me a blind man, get myself crucified 
                                                   G    G#dim w/u 
By politicians and preachers, who got somethin? to hide 
If I was Jesus 
Dobro solo: (all C) 
If I was Jesus, I?d come back from the dead 
And I?d walk on some water, just to mess with your head 
I know your dark little secrets, I?d look you right in the face 
                                          G     G#dim w/u 
And I?d tell you I love you, with Amazing Grace 
If I was Jesus  (repeat) 
Here's the diagram for the G#dim w/u (walk-up), playing the  
note on the low E string is optional. If you do holding it  
with your thumb works best: 
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E------4--5--7-----------| B------3--4--6-----------| G------4--5--7-----------| D------3--4--6-----------| A------x--x--x-----------| E--(4)-------------------| If you want you can go back and forth in the verse with this C add on: E---0--1--------| B---1--1--------| G---0--0--------| D---2--2--------| A---3--3--------| E---------------| Chords: Am = x02210 C = x32010 C/B = x20010 F = 133211(bar chord) or xx3211 G = 320003 G#dim 4x3434 or xx3434
E-Chords has the most powerful ukulele chords dictionary on the internet. You can enter any chord and even choose the pitch of each string.

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