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Big Ol Truck Ukulele tab

Toby Keith

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Big Ol Truck

Áño: 2008 - Álbum: 35 Biggest Hits [2 CD]

Tono:  E
	  Big ol' Truck,    Artist: Toby Keith 
Submitted by: Eddie Brown     [email protected] 
This is one of my Favorite Toby Keith songs 
I have not been able to work out the chord variations in the intro yet 
if any one can tab that, please add it in 
Good Luck and play hard....... 
E                                                  D 
You can see the girl comin',  from a mile away 
She's  got  bucket  seats,        fully customized 
E                                                        B7 
Got them big wheels turnin', she got Oklahoma plates 
In your wildest dreams          painted on the sides 
E                                              A 
She got her sun roof up,  her window rolled down 
It was built to run,            she was built to show 
And it starts the ground to shakin' when she comes to town 
She's   got   a      Haggard   hit      blarin  on   the     stereo 
I'm in love with the girl in the four-wheel drive 
Chrome steel bumpers and red step sides 
She has a large time in her large machine 
        C7                            B7 
I wonder how she gets up in that thing 
Casts a big shadow, sittin' in the sun 
E                                              C# 
She's got it revved up rockin' ready to run 
And someday soon I'm gonna climb right up 
      A                                   B7        E 
And take a little ride in her big ol' truck 
After last chorus: 
Big ol'  truck,   
Ten feet tall, ten feet wide,  
It's a big ol' truck  
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