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That's Good Ukulele tab

Tim Mensy

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That's Good



C  Am  Dm7  G   x 2 

verse 1 

C     Am       Dm7       G           C   Am Dm7 G 
Last night she told him they were through 
          C       Am       Dm7     G      C  Am  Dm7  G 
Now the coast is clear for me  to make a move 
             C         Am     Dm7     G          C  Am Dm7 G 
Thought I'd walk right up and ask her if she'd dance 
     C          Am          Dm7          G        C  Am Dm7 G 
I tripped and knocked that drink right outta her hand 
         Dm7           G 
Then I fumbled like a fool 
      Dm7                 G 
Guess she thought it was cute 
         Dm7                        G 
She said is  it safe to dance with you 
        C        Am  Dm7  G 
Yeah man,that's good 

verse 2: 

        C       Am   Dm7      G        C  Am  Dm7  G 
Right away she knew  I   had two left feet 
      C         Am         Dm7         G          C   Am  Dm7  G  
She smiled and said don't worry I'll follow your lead 
          Dm7               G 
We didn't have too much to say 
         Dm7             G 
No, we danced the night away 
          Dm7                 G 
And that smile stayed on her face 
      C           Am  Dm7  G ' F# 
Yeah man, that's good 


F            D7/F# 
What's good, what's bad 
C                       C ' C# 
Sometimes it's hard to say 
Just when it looks wrong 
     G                        Gaug 
It turns around and goes your way 


Dm7  G  Dm7  G  Dm7  G   
C  Am  Dm7  G 

verse 3: 

           C    Am      Dm7      G     C  Am  Dm7  G 
She said after this dance  I've got to go 
           C     Am          Dm7    G        C  Am  Dm7  G 
Then we walked across that parking lot real slow 
Dm7              G 
One soft kiss goodbye 
          Dm7                   G 
Thought I saw a twinkle in her eye 
         Dm7                G 
She said call me tomorrow night 
             C        Am  Dm7 
Yeah, man, that's good 
G            C             Am 
M,hmm That's good 
Dm7                 G       C  Am  Dm7 
That's unmis ' taka - bly good 
             G        Cmaj7 
Yeah, man, that's good 
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