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Please Remember Me Ukulele tab

Tim McGraw



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Please Remember Me

Tono:  A#m
Capo en el 1er traste
	  Transcribed by:  Jeremy Powers  [email protected] 
    Am           G                      F 
1.  When all our tears have reached the sea 
    C                G 
    Part of you will live in me 
    F                        C 
    Way down deep in side my heart 
    Am            G              F 
    The days keep coming without fail 
    C                           G 
    New wind is gonna find your sail 
    F                         C 
    That's where your journey starts 
    G      G/B  C     
    You'll find better love 
                 E7          RIFF|---------------| 
    Strong as it ever was        |---------------| 
                F                |---------------| 
    Deep as the river runs       |--3--2---------| 
    F                   F        |--------3------| 
    Warm as the morning sun      |---------------| 
    C--G            F-C 
    Please remember me 
    Am            G                 F 
2.  Just like the waves down by the shore 
    C                        G 
    I'm gonna keep on comin' back for more 
    F                          C 
    Cause' we don't ever wanna stop 
    Am          G                   F 
    Out in this brave new world you see 
    C                       G 
    Oh, the valleys and the peaks 
    F                        C 
    And I can see you on the top 
Repeat Chorus : 
    G        F                C  
    Remember me when your out walking 
    G         F                       C 
    When snow falls high outside your door 
    G       F                   C  
    Late at night when your not sleeping 
    F                                G  
    And moon light falls across your floor 
    Am          G        F        G 
    And I can't hurt you anymore.     (repeat Chorus) 
Ending:                              EADGBE 
                                 G/B 020030 
C    G/B    Am    F              C/B 020010 
C---G           F--C 
Please remember me 
I finger pick this song and I add the C/B when I'm 
changing from C to Am in both verses.  I think it 
keeps the song moving a little better. 
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