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Black and White Ukulele tab

Three Dog Night



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Black and White

Áño: 1972 - Álbum: The Complete Hit Singles

(M: Earl Robinson; L: David Arkin;)

Tono:  B
	         B        F#          B           F#    
 The ink is black, the page is white,    
    B              E          F#    
 together we learn to read and write.    
      B         F#          B         F#    
 A child is black, a child is white;    
        B               E            F#    
 the whole world looks upon the sight,    
                  B      E    B    
 a beautiful sight.   
      F#                       B             
 And now a child can understand    
 that this is the law of all the land,    
  F#       E    Eb    C#       
 all the land.   
     B           F#      B        F#    
 The world is black, the world is white.    
     B          E               F#    
 It turns by day, and turns by night.    
       B        F#         B          F#    
 A child is black, a child is white,   
      B               E          F#    
 together they grow to see the light,   
              B    E    B    
 to see the light.   
       F#                      B             
 And now, at last, we plainly see   
 the alphabet of liberty,    
  F#      E    Eb    C#       
of liberty.    

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