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I Got You Ukulele tab

Third Day

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I Got You

Áño: 2001 - Álbum: Come Together

Tono:  D
	  Intro: D Bb C G Bb F A 
      D                                   G                     A 
      What kind of song do you want to sing for me? 
            G                A 
      Is it slow or is it rock and roll? 
      D                                 G                      A 
      What kind of day do you want to bring to me? 
                 G                   A 
      Rain or shine, I would be just fine 
                           Bb              D 
      'Cause I've got everything I need 
      I got everything 
      I got everything 
             D          Bb                          C  
      I got you and you're putting it all together 
      G                              Bb          F               A 
      And it doesn't get any better as far as I can tell 
             D           Bb                C  
      I got you right now and ever after 
      G                                   Bb  
      And it doesn't even really matter 
             F                     A 
      That I've got nothing else 
                        D Bb C G Bb F A 
      'Cause I got you 
      D                             G                       A 
      Where do I go when I want to know the truth? 
               G                A 
      It isn't me, well it's only you 
      D                                     G                   A 
      When will I know what you have for me to do? 
            G               A 
      Is it now or is it coming soon? 
                           Bb              D 
      'Cause I've got everything I need 
      I got everything 
      I got everything 
  C                                  G 
      Be it pleasure or be it pain 
      I'm ready for whatever life may bring 
  C                                      G 
      'Cause I know that in the end 
      Everything works together 
                 F                          A 
      For the good of those who love Him 
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