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Hard To Please Ukulele tab

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Hard To Please

Tono:  Am
Capo en el 5º traste

Am           F            C 
Maybe if you came about 
Am           F                              C 
Maybe if you turned this ship around 
Am            F              C 
If you waited this one out 
    Am            F       C 
and just put your head down 

G                C              Am 
Oh, in your dreams you find out 
Though it's not quite how you remember 
In your dreams you find out  
F                 Am 
Everything's greener 
C            F       Am      F     C 
You're still hard to please 

Am      F         C 
Maybe if you lightened up 
Maybe if you wrote that anthem 
Raising high a Dixie Cup 
Am          F          C 
Don't put your hand down 

G             F                     C 
What is it worth to you to be a free someone? 
G            F                                   
What is it worth to you? What would you do? 

Am           F      C 
Maybe if you came about 
Baby don't you run this ship aground 
Feet of water in the well 
but you can't keep her head down 
No, you can't keep her head down 
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