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The Wanted



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Tono:  Em
Capo en el 4º traste

You think you see me  
You haven't seen nothin 
G                         D 
I'm looking for something more than this  
I'm feeling no limits  
I'm seising each minute 
G           touch on F#    Em 
Don't wanna, don't wanna just exist  
Don't want my feet on the ground 
Wanna feel the speed of sound  
Em                      D 
I want it now, I wanna fly 
C                    G 
Like a rocket to the sky  

Em (D) C Going up a million miles Em touch on F# G D And I'm not coming down C Em touch on F# Won't stop till I feel the sky at my feet G D My dreams on my wings, I'm flying C G Em D Flying high
Em I'm climbing I'm rising C I'm striking like lightning G D Write my name in sky writing for all to see Em I'll do something epic C And they won't forget it G touch on F# Em Good enough, not good enough for me Em I want the ride of my life C Wonder at the speed of light G D Want it now, I wanna fly C G Like a rocket to the sky CHORUS C D Never gonna make my way down G touch on F# Em I'll make the galaxy my play ground C Em D (It's gonna be one hell of a ride, I'll fly) CHORUS
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