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the one I love Ukulele tab

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the one I love

	  INTRO: (this intro goes clean) 
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e|---5-------5-------5-------5-----| H|-----5-6-----5-6-----3-5-----3-5-| G|-7-------7-------5-------5-------| D|---------------------------------| A|---------------------------------| E|---------------------------------| x2
Verse 1: (goes clean to) Dm C Am Haven't slept in a week my bed has become my coffin Dm C Am Cannot breath cannot speak my head's like a bomb still waiting A# Gm Take my heart and take my soul A I don't need them anymore Refrain : Dm The one i love F C Gm Dm is striking me down on my knees (The one i love) F C Gm Dm Drowning me in my dreams (The one i love) F C Gm Dm Over and over again A dragging me under VERSE Dm Am Hynoptized by the night silently rising beside me Dm Am Emptyness nothingness is burning a hole inside me A# Gm Take my faith and take my pride A I don't need them anymore BRIDGE: (it's the INTRO played several times) INTRO VERSE 1 Refrain INTRO VERSE 2 Refrain
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