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Kyoto Song Ukulele tab

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Kyoto Song

Tono:  Bm
Bm Bm Bm Bm A F# Bm Bm 
A nightmare of you 
Of death in the pool 
Bm                                Bm 
Wakes me up at quarter to three 
    A                         F# 
I'm lying on the floor of the night before 
       Bm                         Bm 
With a stranger lying next to me 
A nightmare of you 
Of death in the pool 
I see no further now than this dream 
The trembling hand of the trembling man 
Hold my mouth 
To hold in a scream 
I try to think 
To make it slow 
If only here is where I go 
If this is real 
I have to see 
I turn on fire 
And next to me 
It looks good 
It tastes like nothing on earth 
It looks good 
It tastes like nothing on earth 
Its so smooth it even feels like skin 
It tells me how it feels to be new 
   Em                              Em 
It tells me how it feels to be new 
  Bm                             Bm 
A thousand voices whisper it true 
   Em                              Em 
It tells me how it feels to be new 
And every voice belongs 
C                      Bm    Bm 
Every voice belongs to you 
Either play it as straight chords, or use this picking pattern for 
each chord. (It doesn't work too well on its own though). 
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Bm A F# Em C |---------|---------|---------|---------|-------0-| |-------0-|-------0-|-------0-|-------0-|---------| |-----0---|-----0---|-----0---|-----0---|-----0---| |---4-----|---4-----|---4-----|---2-----|---5-----| |-2-------|-0-------|---------|---------|-3-------| |---------|---------|-2-------|-0-------|---------|
_______________________________________________________ Contribuição: Alexandre Nogueira Nascimento([email protected])
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