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Go your own way Ukulele tab

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Go your own way

Áño: 2002 - Álbum: To Faithful Departed: Comp Sessions

Tono:  A
	Loving you 
           	   D             E 
	Isn?t the right thing to do 
A               Bm              D 
	How can I ever change things 
	That I feel 
	If I could 
                   D           E 
	Maybe I?d give you my world 
A               Bm 
	How can I 
                        D           E    	 
        When you won?t take it from me 
F#m D E You can go your own way D F#m Go your own way D E You can call it another lonely day F#m D E You can go your own way D Go your own way
A Tell me why D E Everything turned around A Bm Packing up D E Shacking up is all you wanna do A If I could D E Baby I?d give you my world A Bm Open up D E Everything?s waiting for you REPEAT CHORUS _______________________________________________________ Contribuição: Harlen Soares Veloso([email protected])
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