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Dreams Ukulele tab

The Cranberries



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	  Introdução: E A B  
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Solo (2X) E:--------------------------------------------------------------- B:--0----0--0-0---0---0-0---0--0-0---0--0-0---0--0-0----0--0-0--- G:--------1---------1--------2--------2--------2---------2------- D:--------------------------------------------------------------- A:------------------------0--------0--------2--------2----------- E:-----0--------0----------------------------------------------0-
E A All my life B Is changing every day E In every possible way A In all my dreams B It's never quite as it seems E Never quite as it seems riff = solo intr. 1X A I know I've felt like this before B But now I'm feeling it even more E Because it came from you A Then I open up and see B The person falling here is me E A different way to be (G,C)2X E A I warn more B Impossible to ignore E Impossible to ignore A They'll come true B Impossible not to do E Impossible not to do riff = solo intr. 1X A Now I tell you openly B You have my heart so don't hurt me E You're what I couldn't find A Totally amazing mind B So understanding and so kind E You're everything to me A All my life B Is changing every day E In every possible way A And oh my dreams B It's never quite as it seems E Cause you're a dream to me E Dream to me Introduão: E A B [email protected]
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