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Dreaming My Dreams Ukulele tab

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Dreaming My Dreams

Áño: 1994 - Álbum: No Need to Argue

C        G          Am           F  
All the things you said to me today 
C               G         Am     F 
Changed my perspective in every way 
These things count to mean 
So much to me 
Into my faith you 
And your baby 
It's out there, it's out there 
It's out there, if you want me 
I'll be here 
I'll be dreaming my dreams 
With you 
I'll be dreaming my dreams 
With you 
And there's no other places 
That I'd lay down my face 
I'll be dreaming my dreams with you 
It's out there, it's out there 
It's out there, if you want me 
I'll be here 
- A sequência (C G Am F) é a mesma durante a música toda... Só na parte "I'll be here" (repetição), segura o F por um tempo a mais. 
- Essa música tem compasso de 3 tempos 
- The chords (C G Am F) keep the same all the time... In the 2nd "I'll be here", you must hold the F one more measure 
- The tempo is 3/4 
Contribuição: Elder Sano Pereira([email protected]) 
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