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Heartbreaker Ukulele tab

The Cardigans



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Tono:  Bb

Bb          C 
No, not again 
Dm         Am 
Oh, what a man 
Bb            C            Dm         Am 
Just who I thought that I wanted to have 
Bb           C 
Oh, don't do that 
Dm             Am             
Don't use that bat 
Bb              C           Dm          Am 
That's all it takes to make me fall in flat 

Bb            C 
No, not again 
F#m        Dm 
A loser I Am 

A G# I love you tonight F# E You are my knight Dm C F A Cure and assure and make me feel alright A G# Tomorrow you'll find F# E I'm not around Dm C but don't be uptight F A cause I loved you last night
Bb C Vacant and free Dm Am yeah, that is me Bb C Dm Am Just tell me how and I'll please you for free Bb C Tell me I'm good Dm Am I know I'm bad Bb C Dm Am Lies make me feel fine although it is sad Bb C Oh, not again F#m Dm Not one more man Chorus
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