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Party Fears Two Ukulele tab

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Party Fears Two

Tono:  G

Intro: G D Am F C Am D 


I'll have a shower 
And then phone my brother up 
Within the hour 
I'll smash another cup 
Please don't start saying that 
Or I'll start believing you 
If I start believing you 
                    B               D 
I'll know that this party fears two 

E G And what if this party fears two? E A The alcohol loves you while turning you blue B C View it from here B C From closer to near Awake me
INTERLUDE: G D Am F C Am D VERSE II: G Don't turn around Em I won't have to look at you G And what's not found C Is all that I see in you D My manners are failing me Am I'm left feeling ugly F# And you say it's wonderful B D To live with I never will Chorus INTERLUDE VERSE III: G I'm standing still Em And you say I dress too well G Still standing still C I might but it's hard to tell D Even a slight remark Am Makes no sense and turns to shark F# Have I done something wrong? B Am D What's wrong's the wrong that's always in wrong OUTRO: G D Am F C Am D
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