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I Am Not American Ukulele tab

The Arrogant Worms



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I Am Not American

Tono:  A

Intro: A  E   A B A 

verse 1: 

E    A    E 
I am not American, 
         A              E 
Though I live in North America 
         A       B    E 
Which is part of the Americas 
             A           B 
Which should make me an American 

verse 2: (Same chords as verse 1) 

Geographically Canadians, 
Are certainly Americans 
As are Venezuelans, 
But not Hawaiians 

A E They're out in the middle of the Ocean A B E Just like the U.S. Virgin Islands, A G#m C#m Who really shouldn't say they are Americans, F# B Or even virgins
verse 3: E A E How did two whole continents, A E Lose their name to one constituent? A G#m C#m Where were we when the U.S. went, F# B And took the word American away? verse 4: But to be fair to them, Their other name options, Like U.S.A.ers or United Statesians, Were pretty bad Chorus 2 Still I want to be as American, As the French are European, Or those in Antarctica are Antarctican Even if they're just penguins Verse 5: (Same as verse 3) That leaves us Canadians As Northern North Americans, But Alaska's Norther curse them (C#sus) C# We're surrounded by Americans. Americans! Verse 6: F# B F# I just called those U.S.A.ers Americans B F# A name meant for two continents not just them B C# Bbm Ebm For if I said I was American, G# C# People would probably think I came from Maine
B C# F# Still I think I have a plan, B C# F# Let's become Antarctican, B C# Bbm Ebm And join up with the penguins G# C# B C# F# B F# For just like them, we're not American!
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