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Waitin on Time Ukulele tab

Texas Renegade

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Waitin on Time

Tono:  G
	  Intro: G   D  Em  C  
G                   D 
At six o clock the sun goes down 
          Em                  C 
And the thoughts in my head they spin around 
G           D              Em        C 
As I get caught up in this lie 
G                               D 
I watch a flame of a lighter I bought from the store 
         Em                 C 
Till it burns my hand and falls to the floor 
G      D                Em         C 
No I guess I?ll never learn 
Am?            C                       D 
You play with fire your bound to get burned 
     C                   G 
and I?m just waiting on time 
    D                  G 
To cure my wounds and heal my mind 
 C                            G             D 
I got a pounding head and a heavy heart to match 
     C           G                D                           G 
And I cant see living like this maybe what I want is what I?ll get 
C           G                 D    
But I aint got a reason or a rhyme 
I?m just waiting on time 
           G               D 
I saw a ragweed show down at Saengerhall 
       Em             C 
on a Friday night in the early fall 
 G                 D                 Em            C 
but they couldn?t help to change my tune 
   G            D 
so I went home all by myself 
Em                         C 
cursing my luck and my good health 
G            D                   Em            C 
to bang my head on the wall of my room 
Am?                 C                  D 
I just didn?t have anything better to do 
D                      C 
Well time is the one thing 
G                             D 
That I know might change her mind 
D                      G 
Even if she don?t love me 
C                         D 
I know someday I?ll be alright 

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