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Texican Badman Ukulele tab

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Texican Badman

Tono:  A
    A  Asus  E1 E2 E  E7 
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e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|--2--3----------------------------------------------------------------------| G|--2--2-----1--1--1--1----------------------------------------------------------| D|--2--2-----2--2--2--0----------------------------------------------------------| A|-----------2--2--2--2----------------------------------------------------------| E|-----------4--2--0-------------------------------------------------------------|
A Asus A Asus I am a Texican Badman A Asus A Asus And I got a pistol in my hand A Asus A Asus E I'm gonna go across San Rio Grande E1 E2 E E7 E E7 A Asus A Asus Where the women are willing and the life there is thrilling gonna make me a killing in Juarez A Asus A Asus Gonna meet me a fine senorita A Asus A Asus Gonna tip my hat when I meet her A Asus A Asus E Gonna take her out and dine her on tortilla E1 E2 E E7 E E7 A Asus And if you love her you bought her if you didn't she outta get a little off that dollar from Juarez A Asus 6x
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