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Catch 22 Ukulele tab

Terri Clark

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Catch 22

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Intro riff: (repeat 4 times) E-------------------------- B-------------------------- G----------------2-0------- D-------------------------- A----0-3b-0--3h4----------- E--3b----------------------/
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b = bend, h = hammer-on Intro chord: A A G A farmer on a tractor plowing in the field A Doing all he can to increase the yield D G A (intro riff) But the more he raises, the more the price goes down A G Over at the factory working on the line A You do a good job and never fall behind D G A So your quota goes up everytime you turn around E D A It ain't nothin' new, it's called a Catch 22
D G D G Heads they win, tails you lose A It's all the same either way you choose D G D E You're damned if you don't, and even if you do A (intro riff twice) It's still a Catch 22
A G Tell a man you love him he starts backing up A Tell him you don't and he's a love-sick pup D G A You try to get together, and watch it fall apart E D A Hey I've been there too, what a Catch 22 CHORUS Instrumental: A D E CHORUS A (intro riff repeats) Oh, it's a Catch 22 A No matter what you do, it's a Catch 22
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