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Tono:  C
	  Written by: Kye Fleming and Dennis W. Morgan 
    Nobody  recorded by  Sylvia 
Intro  chords  C  Am  C  Am 
 C                                       Am 
Sitting in a restaurant; she walked by I seem to recall that certain look 
her eye 
   Dm                                             G      F     Em    G 
I asked "who's that"? You said with a smile, "oh nobody,    nobody" 
 C                                                  Am 
Well, maybe that explains that last two weeks You called me up dead on your feet 
          Dm                                             G    F    Em     G 
"Working late again"? I asked, "who with?"  You said, "Nobody,   nobody." 
            Dm     G             C       Em         Am 
Well your nobody called   today she hung up when I asked her name 
           Dm   G                             C       F C    F  C  
Well I won-der does she think   she's being clev-er.  OH OH  OH OH 
    Dm            G          C          Em       Am 
You say nobody's after you  the fact is what you say   is true   
           Dm                   G             C      
But I can love you like nobody can    even better                    
1.) Am  C  Am 2.)G  Oh oh oh  repeat chorus 
Late last night we went for a drive 
You were miles away I asked "who's on your mind?" 
You said, "Nobody, who do you ask?"    
    G        F                 Em      G     
Aw her again     I could have told you that 
We came back home got ready for bed   
I said to myself, " I've got one shot left." 
   Dm                                                G    F   Em     G 
You're still mine and I won't stand in line behind nobody    nobody. 
go to chorus, repeat chorus to fade. 
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