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Breezin' Along With The Breeze Ukulele tab

Susannah McCorkle



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Breezin' Along With The Breeze

( Haven Gillespie, Seymour Simons and Richard A. Whiting)

Tono:  D
Intro: Verse 

D             E7     A7            D 
I have been a rover since I was a child 
E7         Gm     A7       D      A7/13- 
No one to love or care for me. 
D                  E7     A7           D 
Knocked around all over, kinda grew up wild  
E7                       A     A7    D    A7  A7/13- 
My home's wherever I may be 
D                E7        A7                D	 
Ain't no someone yearnin', wonderin' where I be 
     E7      Gm         A7     D       A7/13-	 
I'm gone, but no one's missin' me 
D                  E7    A7                D	 
Ain't no light a-burnin' ev'ry night for me 
E7                             A     A7    D A7 A7/13- 
I'm like a bird that's flyin' free 

D          D7M                    F#7    B7 
I'm just breezin' along with the breeze 
               E7  Edim A7 Em7       A7  D Bm5-/7 A7 
Trailin' the rails,         roamin' the seas. 
D        D7M                        F#7     B7 
Like the birdies that sing in the trees 
             E7   Edim  A7   Em7    A7   D D7 
Pleasin' to live,            livin' to please 

     G          Cdim        G           Gdim 
The sky is the only roof I have over my head 
  D           Bm            E9              A7     A7/13- 
And when I'm weary, Mother Nature makes my bed 
D          D7M            F#7      B7 
I'm just goin' along as I please 
           E7  Edim A7  A7/13-      D     Gdim D 
Breezin' along          with the breeze 
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