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One Good Reason Why Ukulele tab

Steve Azar

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One Good Reason Why

Tono:  B
Capo en el 4º traste
G   D     A  
Hey baby, I've got big plans for me and you 
G              D 
So put on that tight dress 
A                                      Bm 
You know the one that always tells the truth 
It's been a heck of a week 
Whatcha' say baby you and me  
Set ourselves free 

D A Gimme one good reason why D We shouldn't get a little crazy G Kiss these blues goodbye D I can't think of one to save me D A I tell you I've looked low and high Bm And as hard as I've tried to find G Why tonight should pass us by D There ain't one good reason why
Hey baby, there's a party goin' on right down the street Everybody'll be there And there's a dance floor waitin' for your pretty feet You deserve a little change I say we just drop everything And walk out this door Chorus Bridge: Bm So hurry up A We're wastin' time G D Before it's too late and we change our minds Bm Em G D That would be the biggest crime, yeah Chorus Gimme me one good reason Hey baby, I've got big plans for me and you
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