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On The Line Ukulele tab

Souther , Hillman and Furay

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On The Line

Tono:  A
	  Intro: A  D  A  D 
    A                    G 
The story is true I'm in love with you 
     Bm          A 
I've fallen I realize 
Maybe you will and maybe you won't 
      Bm                  A 
But a dreamer will always try 
Holdin' back ain't with the fact 
And then say that's how it goes 
Later on when the words are songs 
I'm feelin' a love I suppose 
Come on and lay it out on the line 
I know that you will 
You and the way that you love me 
       F#m     Bm 
What a thrill, yeah 
You're my baby, yeah 
My woman, move me still 
You got something all your own 
In the world it's called free will 
You know I can't deny you what comes inside you 
I never ever would 
But it's hard believin' you're not receivin' 
All the gods' love that you could               
by: José Duarte 
[email protected] 

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