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To Me Ukulele tab

South Sixty Five

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To Me

Tono:  C
	  C                 G                  
The world may not notice 
D                   G 
The strength in your smile 
Em                D              C 
Or the love that I see in your face 
The world may not notice 
How big your heart is 
And what a difference you make 
D           G        Em     D 
You may not have a trophy to show 
G             C               Em 
For this heart that you?ve won 
C           D              Em 
You may not think you?re a star 
C           D         G 
But darlin? to me you are 

D And to me C G D You?re the air that I breathe D G D G The light in my eyes and the hope in my dreams C D C To me youre the best in my life C D G D Youire all I need for the rest of my life C D G girl you?re what loves means to me
All of your friends See a shoulder to lean on Tour boss sees the perfect right hand Your folks see that same little girl that they raised And sometime they don?t understand How much of a woman you?ve grown up to be And everything you are They may not know the real you you know darlin I do Chorus
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