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Wild Is The Wind Ukulele tab

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Wild Is The Wind

Tono:  Am
Introdução: Am F Am F Am F Am F  

Am        Em7     Dm7     F 
Love me, love me, say you do 
Am     Em7   F       Dm7 
Let me fly away with you 
G      G7       C9      Am7 
For my love is like the wind 
Em   B7/9+         Em9       
And wild is the wind 
Am       Em7      Dm7     F 
Give me more than one caress 
Am   Em7     F       Dm7 
Satisfy this hungriness 
G        G7         C9         Am7 
Let the wind blow through your heart 
    Em   B7/9+     Em9   B7 
For wild is the wind 
C   G Am      Am7/G Dm                     Dm7  G7 
You  touch me,        I hear the sound of mandolins 
Dm7 G7  Dm7    G7 Am              E7             Am 
You    kiss me,     and with your kiss the world begins 
F       G7           C7M Am7 
You're Spring to me, all things to me 
       Cdim    E7 
You're life itself 
Am     Em7        Dm7     F 
Like a leaf clings to a tree 
Am      Em7      F       Dm7 
Oh, my darling, cling to me 
G          G7       C9     Am7 
For we're creatures of the wind 
    Fdim E7     Am        Dm7 
And wild is the wind, the wind 
Fdim E7    Dm7   E7  A  A9 A 
Wild is my love for you. 
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