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In The Dark Ukulele tab

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In The Dark

(Lil Green)

Tono:  A
Intro: A F#m F E7 A  E7/9     

             A6  E7/9    A6   A       A9           
In the dark,   it's just you and I 
A7/9    D9   D6        Dm7      Dm6 
Not a sound,   there's not one sigh 
A        C#m5-/7  Cdim       Cdim  E            A  F#m F7 E7 
Just the beat of    my     poor heart in the dark 
E7/9    A6          E7/9     A6  A      A9 
In the dark, in the dark, I get such a thrill 
A7/9     D9          D6        Dm  Dm7 Dm6 
When he presses his fingertips upon  my  lips, 
A      C#m5-/7     Cdim                 E           A    D9 A A7 
And he begs me to please   keep still in the dark 

	D9   D7M      Dm           Dm7 A 
But soon,       this dance will be endin' 
	       F   Bb9  A        A7 
And you're gonna be missed 
D9   D7M    Dm         Dm7 
Gee,        I'm not pretendin' 
	     A         F#m   F    Bb9  E7 
'Cause I swear it's fun, fun to be kissed 
E7/9    A6   E7/9 A6  A        A9 
In the dark,      now we will find 
A7/9      D9  D6      Dm7     Dm6 
What the rest    have left behind 
A    A7M       F#7                 D9   F   E7       
Just let them dance  we're gonna find romance 
E       A   F#m   F  E7   A 
In the dark        in the dark 
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