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All My Tomorrows Ukulele tab

Shirley Horn



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All My Tomorrows

Tono:  C

  C7M       Cdim   Cm7          Cdim 
Today I may not have a thing at all  
   G9         D/F#   Bm5-/7  E7 
Except for just a dream or two 
C              Cdim        Bm 
But I've got lots of plans for tomorrow 
   Bm5-/7       Am7     Cdim    G 
And all my tomorrows belong to you 
   C7M          Cdim      Cm7         Cdim 
Right now it may not seem like spring at all  
   G9          D/F#       Bm5-/7   E7 
We're drifting and the laughs are few 
  C              Cdim     Bm 
But I've got rainbows planned for tomorrow  
 Bm5-/7        Am7     Cdim     E 
And all my tomorrows belong to you 
C  C/B Am7   Cdim       Cm 
No one knows better than I  
  Cdim       G          Cdim  E7   Bm5-/7 
That luck keeps passing me by that's fate 
G    D/F#      Bm5-/7      E7 
But with you there at my side  
   Bm5-/7       E7    Am7   E7     Am7  Cdim D7 
I'll soon be turning the tide, just wait 
   C7M          Cdim      Cm7          Cdim 
As long as I've got arms that cling at all  
     G9            D/F#    E7  Fdim E7 
It's you that I'll be clinging to 
  C            Cdim     Bm 
And all the dreams I dream, beg, or borrow  
 Fdim       Am         Cdim       B7  E7 
On some bright tomorrow, they'll all come true  
	 C     C/B  Am7     Am7/G  Cdim D7  G 
And all my bright tomorrows belong to you 
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