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Twilight Ukulele tab

Shawn Colvin


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Tono:  C
	  F C G  Am   F C G C 
C           F        C 
Over by the wildwood club 
Hot summer night 
We lay in the tall grass 
Til the mornin' light come shinning 
C           F       C     Am 
If I had my way I'd never get the urge to roam 
Dm                            G 
Sometimes I serve  my country sometimes I stay at home 
           C           F              C 
Just don't put me in a frame upon the mantel 
      C             F     C       Dm 
Where memories turn dusty old and grey 
Don't leave me alone in the twilight 
G7                                 C  F C G Am F C G C 
Twilight is the loneliest time of day 
C            F      C       Am  
Never gave a second thought never crossed my mind 
Dm                                G 
To what is right and what is not  I'm not the judgin' kind 
C                  F        C          Am 
I would steal your darkness and storms from your skies 
Dm                            G 
But we all got certain trials burnin' up inside 
      C          F            C 
Don't send me no distant salutations 
   C     F         C         Dm 
Or silly souvenirs from far away 
Don't leave me alone in the twilight 
G7                                    C 
Twilight is the loneliest time of the day 
From Shawn Colvin "Cover Girl" 
Columbia Records 

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