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Ill Say I'm Sorry Now Ukulele tab

Shawn Colvin



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Ill Say I'm Sorry Now

Tono:  G
	             G        C 
I'm gonna let you down 
   D         G 
I know that now 
          G      C      D 
Make you cry, I know I will 
               Em     C 
And why should you believe 
         D       G 
I would never leave 
    Am              C 
Or that I love you still 

             G     C 
For all that I am by 
    D           G 
And hard as we try 
The bough breaks 
The cradle falls 
          G      C 
For everything I do 
           D      Em 
That will tear at you 
        Am       D    G 
Let me say I'm sorry now 

            Em        C 
So you can sing your song 
         D      G 
You can get it wrong 
         Em      C        D 
You can kiss the rock of ages 
          G       C 
In your wildest dreams 
           D     Am 
You might see between 
     C     Em      D 
The liars and the sages 
        Em       G 

You can walk awhile 
           D      Am 
Down the mystery mile 
         Em       C          D 
You can beat the drums of freedom 
    G       C 
In love and war 
             D        Am 
Through the rush and roar 
          C        Em       D   
You just call 'em like you see 'em 
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