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Amneris letter Ukulele tab

Shania Twain and Elton John



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Amneris letter

Tono:  Db
	  Db  Bbm  Db  Bbm 
    Db			     Ab 
I'm sorry for everything I've said 
        Gb                       Ab 
And for anything I forgot to say too 
     Db                   Ab 
When things get so complicated 
  Gb                       Ab 
I stumble, at best, muddle through 
  Gb                  	       Db 
I wish that our lives could be simple 
        Ebm            Gb      Ab  B 
I don't want the world,   only you 
  Db			        Ab 
I wish I could tell you this face to face 
            Gb            Gb\F Gb\Eb 
But there's never the time,    never the place 
        Db                  Ab 
So this letter will have to do 
Gb Gb\Ab Db 
I  love  you 

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