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Word Of Mouth Ukulele tab

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Word Of Mouth

Tono:  Am
Capo en el 6º traste

The Bass line follows this pattern and you just pick the chords overtop 
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Am e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|-----0-------------------0-------------------0--------3-----0------------0-| E|-------------0--------3----------0---------3---------------------0-----3---| The bass changes to follow the C chord. Anything in brackets is optional but it is in the song. C e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|----------(pick)-----(pick)-----(pick)----(pick)---------------------------| D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|---------------(0)--3---------------(0)--3---------------------------------| E|--------3------------------3-----------------------------------------------|
(pick just means pick the top strings in the C chord) The strumming pattern is pretty simple. Listen to the song to get it down. Intro: Am C Oh, I see a girl thats blue like the sea Am when i go to sleep you know that she sees me, too C yeah, just standing around like the popular kids Am hoping saint peter will let us in, too F "well," he says " if you value your life stay off the drugs C if you value the drugs stay off the map. G if you value maps you better travel, son. F C(single strum) Am if you dont want to travel then you better run" ooh, yeah, mmm, oh C yeah, well I knew a king in his purple throne Am oh, and he had some trouble so he's all alone now C well I used to bring him little presents from time to time Am and hed sit me in his castle and hed pick my mind F he said, "if you value your heart, oh stay on the road. C if you value the road, oh stay on the top . G if you value the top, oh youre gonna suffer son. F C(single strum) Am and if you dont want to suffer, then you better run" (Full strums) C well i see my boss in his practical suit Am ill toss him in the cellar wont give him no food (Back to picking) C when anybody tries to tell him what to do Am he holds his breath until he turns blue F he says, "if you value your job, stay out of crime. C if you value the crime, stay out of doors. G if you value them doors you better lock em son. F G and if you dont want to lock em, you better buy a gun" This part speeds up. Its the same Chords but just at a different tempo. Theres a few riffs here. Theres no real pattern I can distinguish. He just plays around with the high B and E strings on the third fret with his pinkie. He also throws in some bends on the B string. The new bass riff comes to this. Am
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e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|----------------------0-----3-----------------0------33--------------------| E|-------0------3------------------0------3----------------------------------|
C yeah, well i saw a snake in an apple tree Am you know i didnt trust a word that he hissed to me, no! C yeah, he said, "it must be gettin awful lonely tryin to save the world; Am just buy a collared shirt and try and fuck some girls." F he said, "if you value your limbs, stay in the game. C if you value the game, stay in the style. G if you value that style, youre a sinkin son. F if you dont want to sink then you better run." (strumming) C Am C Am
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Little ending rif C F e|----------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|----------3^------5-------3^----5------------1--1h3-3s5---------------------| G|-----------------------------------------2----------------------------------| D|-------------------------------------3--------------------------------------| A|-------3------3-------3------3----------------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Outro: F And finish on C
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