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Daybreak V Daybreak Ukulele tab

Saves The Day



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Daybreak V Daybreak

Tono:  C

Intro: E/G#   C  G  Am  G F  C/E  G

Verse 1: 

       C            G 
Take a breath turn around 
See the sun come  
through the clouds  
F            C/E          G 
  the light alive in your eyes 
         C            G 
Standing here by your side 
      Am               G 
of an arm under the sky 
F          C/E          G 
  I know I want to hold on 

Guitar solo: C  G  Am  G F  C/E  G   

Chorus 1:
C/E                        F 
   The letters left on the lawn 
G                           Am  E/G# 
   The shadows crawling the wall 
F             C/E          G   (hold) 
   The mirror shatters and falls 

Verse 2:
          C           G 
I've been lost for so long 
        Am              G 
no more will to carry on 
F             C/E         G 
  So dark and dead in the seas 
        C           G 
Nothing left in the end 
       Am                G 
And to pray is to pretend 
F              C/E         G 
  I'm tired of trying to believe 

Chorus 2:
C/E                      F 
   So can we learn to forget 
G                    Am  E/G# 
   I wanna hold you again 
F      C/E             G   (hold)        
   Can we remember our love 

Interlude/Guiar Solo: C  G  Am  G F  C/E  G (2x) 

Am      G      F 
  I can get so low 

Seems like there's no  
Am         G    F 
up and I'm all alone 
So take me in your arms  
        G       F  Am G F 
knowing I'm the one 
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