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Áño: 2004 - Álbum: Fight the Tide

Tono:  A
	  A       E    C#m      B            A 
I'm not satisfied in this lifetime 
     E           C#m     B         A 
I'm following you to the other side 
     E           C#m     B         A 
There's nothing that can change my mind 
       E     E/G# A/B 
You're all I need 
 A               E        C#m        B   A      
You're the only tie that binds my heart 
      E            C#m     B    A 
Away from you I'm falling apart 
     E         C#m     B      A 
We need to be closer than we are 
        E    E/G# A/B 
You're all I need 
 A    E       C#m         B 
So what can I do to get closer? 
A    E           C#m    B           A 
I know there is more my heart can bear 
   E            B 
I give you control 'cause I need you 
 C#m  B         A 
To take me there 
 A                  E      C#m           B       A 
Like a bird flying south I'm seeking you out 
               E             C#m      B   A 
And there's no rope that can tie me down 
             E            C#m       B 
I'm running home, I'm a slave set free 
        E     E/G# A/B 
You're all I need 
G#m7 E A Amaj7 G#m7 E   B A 
I am waiting, Draw me closer 
G#m7 E A Amaj7 G#m7 E   B A 
I am waiting, Make me stronger 

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