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Same Place Ukulele tab

Sammy Kershaw

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Same Place

	  Intro: (G/C) (G) (Em/C) (Em) (C) (D) 
Each (G) night you show up 
'Bout a (C) quarter til 2 
And (D) in my dreams 
You (G) always come true 
And for awhile 
It's (C) just like old times 
But be(Am)fore I know it 
You (D) say goodbye 
But, I'll meet you 
(G/C) Same (G) place, (Em/C) same (Em) time 
I'll be (C) waiting at the front door 
In the (D) back of my mind 
When that ol' (G/C) sun goes (G) down 
I'll (Em/C) lie and (Em) wait 
For you to (C) hold me in your arms 
And (D) love me like yester(G)day 
(G) I've learned to face 
And (C) live with the fact 
That (D) in real life 
You (G) aren't coming back 
Guess I'll never know 
Why (C) you said goodbye 
My (Am) only consolation 
Is I (D) know that I 
Will meet you 
Repeat Chorus Twice 
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