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Every Third Monday Ukulele tab

Sammy Kershaw



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Every Third Monday

Tono:  G
Intro:  G A Bm G D A D (A Three Count For Each Chord) 

He drives to Charlotte, every third Monday,  
                      A          D 
And checks into the Twelve Oaks Motel. 

He calls it business, and he calls the number  
               A             D 
Of a woman he knows all too well. 

  G                          D 
Every third Monday when his wife packs his suitcase,  
A                             D 
He looks her straight in the eye. 
  G           A    D           G 
Every third Monday he finds a new way  
    D             A       D 
To tell her that same old lie. 

(Advance ? Step to D#) 
Back home in Atlanta, in a cafe for lovers,  
                   Bb           D# 
She slips off her gold wedding ring. 

To a stranger in a back booth, she whispers I'd love to. 
                      Bb           D#  
Two can play at this old cheatin' game. 

 G#                  D# 
Every third Monday, she packs his suitcase,  
Bb                             D# 
She looks him straight in the eye. 
 G#           Bb     D#         G#  
Every third Monday, she finds a new way  
    D#            Bb       D# 
To tell him that same old lie. 

G#           Bb     D#          G#  
Every third Monday, she finds a new way  
    D#            Bb       D# 
To tell him that same old lie. 
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