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Roadhouse Blues Ukulele tab

Ryan Bingham



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Roadhouse Blues

(Ryan Bingham)

Tono:  E
I’ve been paying them road house dues 
A7	  B7		  E 
Since I was a young boy 
Drifting and ramblin’ with my old man searching 
A7		    B7		  E 
Around for that West Texas oil 

A7	B7		E 
Well ain’t nobody know 
A7	B7		E 
Where I’m gonna go
A7	B7	    E 
Ain’t nobody know 
A7	B7		E 
These here gypsy roads 

Straight out them bad lands well I come a runnin’ 
Out of New Mexico 
Eighteen wheelers and freight trains and pump jacks 
Well hell I rode upon 

Mr. Armadillo don’t stand in my way 
I ain’t gonna stick around here 
I don’t know why I can’t fly this gypsy ride 
On out the cosmic cowboy atmosphere 
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