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I Don't Know Ukulele tab

Ryan Bingham



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I Don't Know

Tono:  G

I dont know baby where we stand  
With the future that we planned,  
         D            Gadd5 
so long ago I dont know  

I dont know if youre my friend  
Or a long lost lover coming back again  
               D                 Gadd5 
Where did you go, Baby I dont know  

Cadd9 Youd think by now that I would know better Gadd5 But I aint got a lot to show Cadd9 I could write a song I could write a letter D I could write a book about I dont know Gadd5 Watch my life fall through the cracks Like a long gone train that aint coming back D Gadd5 Where did it go, Baby I dont know
Instrumental Verse Chorus Repeat Gadd5 My past is pretty rocky And my future aint long Why do I think we got a chance at all D Gadd5 Where does the wind blow, Baby I dont know Instrumental Verse
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