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Broken Heart Tattoos Ukulele tab

Ryan Bingham



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Broken Heart Tattoos

Tono:  C

(palm mute) 

C Am Em G x3 
C Am Em 

 C                  Am                        Em 
You were unborn and yet to be scarred with tattoos 
     C                            Am                       Em           G 
The blood in your arm, hell it's good and it's warm and still free to choose 
   C                          Am                  Em 
So take your sweet time, and walk a straight line into 
   C                      Am                    Em               G 
But don't you be shy, to your wilder side, or be afraid to let loose 
     F      G     C 
With broken heart tattoos  

  C                     Am                      Em 
Somewhere inside where it all lives and dies I know 
  C                   Am                       Em         G 
There lies a heart, unbroke in the dark where love still grows 
    C                    Am                          Em 
So follow the roads that make you feel old and brand new 
    C                    Am                      Em                 G 
If you remain kind, yet aware of the signs then you'll know what to do 
       F     G       C 
With broken heart tattoos 

C Am Em G x3 
C Am Em 

      C                     Am                  Em 
Your unspoken thoughts are yet to be bought or sold 
      C                     Am                       Em             G 
The whispers of time, will write down the lines and stories will be told 
C                        Am                     Em 
As the wind blows, your life will unfold some truth 
   C                       Am                       Em              G 
Remember that eyes shoot arrows through lies should you sing out of tune 
       F      G      C 
With broken heart tattoos 


C Am Em G x4 
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