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Spider Song Ukulele tab




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Spider Song

Tono:  G
	  Intro: G D C 

G             D               C 
Twisting and grasping and I cannot find her 
G               D                   C 
First it was her body last night was her web 
G             D                    C 
Glistening gossamer stretched from my pillow where I'd laid my head 
G               D                        C 
Now I stretch my mind trying to find what she said 

Am                   C 
I wake and it's all faded away 
Am                      C 
And in the daytime I'm left 
                          G  D  C 
To figure it out on my own 

G                  D                  C 
Someone tried to teach me to never say never 
G                D              C 
It's so funny I never saw that one again 
G                D                                 C 
I'm sure they're still somewhere deep down in the dirt in the back of my head 
G                   D                        C 
They just never call me it's not like they're dead 
G            D                        C 
You can love someone and just not stay friends 

Am                       C 
Wake one day to find they've faded away 
Am                         C 
And in the daytime I know I've 
                    G  D  C 
Faded plenty on my own 

G                  D                  C 
And you used to tell me how you'd live forever 
G                 D                C 
It's ok that's not what you tell me anymore 
G                D                   C 
I used to imagine that you'd disappear while I became a crone 
G                  D                        C 
Either way I'd lose track of your flesh and your bone 
G                   D                   C 
I'd try not to be scared as I walked on alone 

Am                      C 
Wake one day to find you've faded away 
And in the daytime I know 
C                                 G D C 
I've learned how to walk on my own 

Am                   C 
I wake and it's all faded away 
And in the daytime I know 
C                        G D C 
I've woven a web of my own 
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