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Run River North



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Tono:  G
Capo en el 2º traste

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G to Cmaj7 picking pattern (use this pattern throughout) G Cmaj7 e|---------------------------|---------------------------| B|------------------0--------|------0-----0-----0--------| G|------0-----0--------------|---0-----0-----0-----0---0-| D|--0------0-----0----0----0-|----------------------0h2--| A|----------------------0h2--|-3--3--3--3--3--3--3-------| E|-3--3--3--3--3--3--3-------|---------------------------|
Intro: G Cmaj7 G Cmaj7 G Cmaj7 It’s been pouring out, for quite some time G The rain won’t cut out Cmaj7 G Cmaj7 And it feels just like I’m…soaked, to the soul, G Cmaj7 but I know, I still need a drink G So won’t you take a seat Cmaj7 At this table for two G A cup of water for me Cmaj7 Em D/F# G This umbrella for you, to watch the drops, play out Em D/F# G Don’t rush the clouds, they’ll take their bows C D (x5400x) Em (x7500x) And float off stage, replaced by sounds C D…. G G A thunderous clasp, for shadows on the ground G Cmaj7 And this dream was real Cmaj7 My life’s a myth G I’m just a tale of a boy Cmaj7 Em D/F# G I’m sinking quick into a man, with childish sins C D G G Born on his back, nailed to my chin G So where do I go from here Cmaj7 If here is all I have G Cuz I can’t show no fear Cmaj7 Fear will just laugh back Em D/F# But maybe that’s just it G Am G/B C D/F# Em We’ve forgotten how to laugh to cry, for what matters most C D G G So I will find my holy ghost G And is there a pot of gold Cmaj7 That’s waiting for me G At the end of this rainbow C Em D/F# G Cuz I can’t see the colours shine on me Em D/F# G Or the other side of green C D Em I won’t let this be the only thing C D G G In my heart, I fight to leave
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